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An apartment on the second floor, decorated in light colors, on Halimaantie in Nokia. The apartment includes a room, kitchen, and bathroom. The room features two beds and a TV, along with a workdesk. The kitchen is equipped with a refrigerator, microwave, oven, coffee maker, kettle, and dishwasher. Both the kitchen and the bedroom offer a green view. The bathroom includes a shower and a washing machine.


Nokia is a city in the Pirkanmaa region, Southern Finland. It is located approximately 15 kilometers from Tampere and is part of the Tampere metropolitan area. Nokia’s history is closely connected to Nokia Corporation, founded in the city in 1865. Nokia is known for technology and innovation.
Nokia is also situated in the beautiful lake region of Pirkanmaa, with the scenic Pyhäjärvi lake providing opportunities for outdoor activities and recreation. The area features numerous nature trails, outdoor spaces, and historical sites. The city hosts various events and festivals that bring the community together. In Nokia’s city center, you can find local shops, restaurants, and other services

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1 Night / 2 Person
1 Week / 2 Person
1 Month / 2 Person
+ 1 Person